10C REFUND AT COLLECTION POINTS WHEN SOLD IN SA - why don’t more countries do this on canned drinks, surely it would reduce littering…

When broadcasting 4:3 programmes for widescreen television do we really need bright pink borders - surely black is better.

Watching Indian Premier League cricket - Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Rising Pune Supergiant. David Warner, Ben Stokes, M.S.Dhoni and impressive Afghan bowler Rashid Khan making a great game to watch.

@manton @help I’ve got a custom domain registered - thedimpause.blog - and asked my domain registar to create an A record pointing to the IP address of pages.micro.blog. This all seems to work, but is this the correct way to do it if not using a sub-domain and CNAME?

Listened to Episode 2 of @collin’s The Run Loop podcast (therunloop.com) with Manton Reece on my walk to work this morning. Very interesting, I will be going back to listen to Episode 1.

How sweet it is to sit and read the tales
Of mightiest poets and to hear the while
Sweet music, which when the attention fails
Fill the dim pause —

♫ #lastfm artists: Manic Street Preachers (18), Karajan, BPO, Ferras (10), Julian Cope (9), Sviatoslav .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (87), Sigmatropic (35), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Cornershop (18), Baudo, LPO (5), Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra (4), Brasstron.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Simple Minds (21), Blondie (20), The Breeders (20), Magdalena Kožená (11) & SEXWIT.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: BBC Radio 4 (5), Davis, Staatskapelle Dresden (4), Glenn Gould (4), Julian Cope (4) .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: The Walkabouts (28), Glenn Gould (23), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; Jörg Demus (14), L.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Elbow (38), Brasstronaut (36), Electric Light Orchestra (28), Julian Cope (25) & Mar.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Bruce Springsteen (62), Cabaret Voltaire (37), Camper Van Beethoven (28), Ian Bostri.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau; Jörg Demus (30), Furtwängler, VPO (10), Samuel Rhodes, G.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Mark Padmore; Paul Lewis (24) & Janine Jansen, Boris Brovtsyn, Amihai Grosz, Torleif.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Pre Wales-England Six Nations - in craft beer bar in Cardiff - undefined map [https://t.co/fppE9sTimT]undefined

♫ #lastfm artists: Elbow (20), Sundara Karma (17), Xylouris White (11), Mark Padmore and Nicholas Danie.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: PJ Harvey (58), GE Podcast Theater / Panoply / The Message (19), King Creosote (9), .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: BBC Radio 4 (8), Leonard Cohen (3), Elbow (2), King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (2) .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Scott Walker (28), Tinariwen (21), BBC Radio 4 (7), Leonard Cohen (5) & Ramshackle U.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: B.B. King (25), Arcade Fire (20), Throwing Muses (20), Ultra Vivid Scene (20) & Echo.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Cornershop (55), Handley, RLPO (29), The Doors (22), The Cardigans (21) & Dmitri Sho.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Federico García Lorca y La Argentinita (69), Robert Johnson (42), Leonard Cohen (11.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @KP24: Cricket properly back on terrestrial TV here in UK right now - @cricketon5! Soooo good! Watch the @BBL with your hangover!

RT @Knifeworld: £8:50 from Spotify in my last royalty statement. That’s nearly as much as if I’d sold a pesky CD. In your face, old fashion…

♫ #lastfm artists: Cabaret Voltaire (19), Van der Graaf Generator (14), Baker Gurvitz Army (12), Guy Ga.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Gong (132), Xylouris White (50), Tinariwen (31), XTC (25) & Throwing Muses (15) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 2 #lastfm artists: The Barker Band (16) & St. Petersburg String Quartet (10) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 3 #lastfm artists: Kristin Hersh (24), Einstürzende Neubauten (11) & Gong (8) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Kristin Hersh (36), Gong (15), Syd Arthur (15), Elton John (2) & Duke Elling.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Xylouris White (73), Kristin Hersh (59), Pixies (24), Leonard Cohen (11) & Electric .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Syd Arthur (51), The Clash (29), Dexys Midnight Runners (24), Evgeny Kissin (23) & A.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Sad to see @twfeed #twitterfeed go. Migrated my feeds to @IFTTT and @buffer - now to see if they still work…

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Bent Knee (22), Red Martian (16), SEXWITCH (6), BBC Radio 4 (4) & BBC World .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Walter Gieseking (27), Chumbawamba (23), Bartok Quartet (19), Baker Gurvitz Army (17.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Bent Knee (69), Björk (35), Cabaret Voltaire (31), Neu! (24) & Manic Street Preache.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Gang of Four (27), Young Marble Giants (23), Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott (17), The W.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Fay Hield (3), The Doors (3), Ezza (2), Gun Outfit (2) & Neu! (2) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Gang of Four (27), Einstürzende Neubauten (18), Enrique Morente (13), Etran Finataw.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: The Fall (95), Cornershop (76), King Crimson (63), Glenn Gould (61) & Neu! (58) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Poe (18), Echo & the Bunnymen (16), The Doors (16), Melody Gardot (12) & Arc.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Gun Outfit (21), Laura Marling (21), Guerrero, Nashville SO, Binelli (6), Cabaret Vo.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Au Pairs (24), Gun Outfit (12), Haitink, Concertgebouw O., Perahia (6), The Atlantis.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: XTC (16), Hector Zazou (12), Benjamin Clementine (11), Haitink, Concertgebouw O., Pe.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Laura Marling (25), Robert Tear, Philip Ledger (23), Mark Padmore and Nicholas Danie.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Einstürzende Neubauten (13), Belle and Sebastian (6), The Doors (3), The Unthanks (.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: The Doors (24), Belle and Sebastian (22), BBC Radio 4 (8), Guy Garvey (7) & Gang of .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: The Smashing Pumpkins (27), Estrella Morente (14), Islaja (13), Public Image Ltd. (1.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: BBC Radio 4 (15), Gun Outfit (5), Algiers (2), Laura Marling (2) & Stornoway.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: XTC (89), Einstürzende Neubauten (37), Cornershop (33), Gun Outfit (11) & The Horac.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Fay Hield (25), Einstürzende Neubauten (18), Knifeworld (16), Benjamin Clementine (.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Takács Quartet (8), Janine Jansen, Boris Brovtsyn, Amihai Grosz, Maxim Rysanov, Tor.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Cornershop (46), Bartok Quartet (12), BBC Radio 4 (8), Lang Lang, VPO, Gergiev (3) &.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Henry’s Funeral Shoe (50), Cornershop (12), Knifeworld (12), BBC Radio 4 (3) & Gun O.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @greytreesbrewer: We at Grey Trees are proud to be from the South Wales Valleys and we are proud of our area’s long history of… https:

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Radiohead (75), XTC (18), Melody Gardot (10), Troyka (6) & Ezza (5) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Mogwai (14), Björk (4), Sigmatropic (3), Slint (3) & Fay Hield (2) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Etran Finatawa (13), The Doors (11), David Bowie (4), Portishead (4) & Björ.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Glenn Gould (66), Guy Garvey (25), White Denim (21), Gun Outfit (16) & Louis.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 2 #lastfm artists: Federico García Lorca y La Argentinita (12) & White Denim (7) via @tweeklyfm #music

Following #ENGvWI #WT20Final from Cape Verde via #bbccricket Live Reporting - hope it’s not a waste of my day’s free wifi voucher…

RT @BunchGrapesCF37: Tomorrow night is the exciting launch of the Bunch of Grapes Arthouse film night.

We will be showing the 2005… htt…

♫ #lastfm artists: Gun Outfit (69), Belle and Sebastian (55), New Order (47), Steve Mason (30) & Tame I.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Nadia Reid (52), Fufanu (12), Gun Outfit (12), Astor Piazzolla (10) & Guy Ga.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Nadia Reid (10), Fleetwood Mac (8), Portishead (7), Gang of Four (4) & Etran.. via @tweeklyfm #music

@premierinn Thank you - England rugby victory, weekend couldn’t get better :) Enjoying stay in Kingston Premier Inn!

♫ #lastfm artists: CHVRCHES (13), White Denim (13), Gun Outfit (12), The Doors (6) & King Gizzard & The.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @jeremycorbyn: “If most of us are ashamed of shabby clothes & shoddy furniture let us be more ashamed of shabby ideas & shoddy philosoph…

♫ #lastfm artists: Gergiev, Kirov Orch., Mariinsky Theatre (42), Genesis (15), Fidetzis, Athens State O.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Good to see the return of Professor Sunil Khilnani’s Incarnations: India in 50 Lives on BBC Radio 4 this week…

Cooking fish molee (Rick Stein), mutter paneer (Hairy Bikers), tarka dal & naan breads whilst listening to Cerys Matthews @BBC6Music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Fay Hield (35), Savages (15), Misty In Roots (14), White Denim (10) & Arcade.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: White Denim (57), Golden Animals (11), Duke Garwood (10), The White Stripes (9) & Ma.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Algiers (30), Songhoy Blues (14), St. Petersburg String Quartet (11), The Verve (11).. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Dub Syndicate (26), The Smashing Pumpkins (13), Dmitri Shostakovich (11), Algiers (8.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Tame Impala (19), David Bowie (12), Radiohead (9), Slint (9) & The Smiths (4) via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: David Bowie (60), The Smiths (51), Fleetwood Mac (40), Fay Hield (36) & Bert.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Happy birthday HAL! HAL 9000 became operational on 12th January - year is less certain, either 1992 [film] or 1997 [book]. @TheHALProject

♫ #lastfm artists: Fleetwood Mac (84), David Bowie (21), Julia Holter (20), Gang of Four (13) & New Ord.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Gang of Four (62), Crass (35), Camper Van Beethoven (20), Sigmatropic (7) & .. via @tweeklyfm #music

Bar One, @theCentre , sitting here reading for nearly 2 hours. alt-J’s album An Awesome Wave is on repeat play - brilliant choice! @alt_J

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Julia Holter (20), Songhoy Blues (15), Joy Division (14), Slint (9) & Knifew.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Tame Impala (23), Tear, Robert with Philip Ledger (19), Algiers (15) & Billy Bragg &.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Krček, Capella Istropolitana (64), Courtney Barnett (18), The Doors (11), Algiers (.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Melody Gardot (17), Algiers (11), Reigakusha, Sukeyasu Shiba (11), The Districts (10.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Ted Hughes (12), Echo & the Bunnymen (9), Jack Wallen (9), Sigmatropic (5) & Black U.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Tame Impala (36), Pond (15), Melody Gardot (15), Takács Quartet (13) & King Gizzard.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Elīna Garanča (18), Melody Gardot (18), Bernstein, NYPO (6), Handley, RLPO, Tasmin.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Karajan, BPO (43), July (14), Tom Robinson (11), Courtney Barnett (10) & LCP, Norrin.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Rozhdestvensky, USSR Ministry of Culture SO (25), Tom Robinson (11), Reigakusha, Suk.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @thehistoryguy: I’m desperately searching for an inspiring historical metaphor for today’s game. There must be something…. #WALvSA htt…

RT @jamesstarsailor: Superb sold out crowd @BierTheatre Bristol tonight. Thanks everyone who came down. One more to go in the UK!

♫ #lastfm artists: Yokoyama, Tsurata, Music Dept., Imperial Household (7), Portishead (5), Björk (4), .. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Reigakusha, Sukeyasu Shiba (22), Ezza (11), Harnoncourt, Chamber Orchestra Of Europe.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @greytreesbrewer: Don’t forget our brewery function night this coming Friday (9th) from 7:00.. All welcome.

♫ #lastfm artists: Ezza (17), Ramshackle Union Band (11), Sigmatropic (7), John Matthias, Trinity Colle.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Very pleased with @GreenManFest - got #earlybird #GreenMan16 tickets, inc. a Lucky 100 ticket at £50. Racing to register last week worked :)

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Björk (14), Paco de Lucía (8), Richard James (5), Portishead (2) & Sigmatr.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Fleetwood Mac (19), Melody Gardot (18), King Crimson (14), Björk (13) & Lan.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: Darren Hanlon (46), Black Yaya (24), Ezza (17), The Breeders (15) & Stornowa.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Etran Finatawa (32), Ezza (27), Modeste Hugues (20), Nitin Sawhney (17) & Nusrat Fat.. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @HuwWilliams470: . @GreenManFest highlights: 5 The Fall not being shit. Always a gamble, but they were excellent.

♫ #lastfm artists: The Walkabouts (105), Marika Hackman (42), Courtney Barnett (106), St. Vincent (23) .. via @tweeklyfm #music

RT @Anothergreen: #Spinoza noted religion was a source of fear used to control people, today he would have noted media is main source along…

RT @Anothergreen: New warning that #JeremyCorbyn win will awaken anti-Christ who will eat our kidneys in orgy of cannibalist delight http:/

RT @PeterTatchell: S African apartheid govt won a ban on protests at its London embassy in 80s. We organised defiance. Corbyn arrested http…

♫ #lastfm artists: Etran Finatawa (12), Terakaft (3), Linval Thompson (1), Thomas Newman (1) & jalihena.. via @tweeklyfm #music

Brilliant! RT @greytreesbrewer: Our “Diggers Gold” has won the champion beer of Wales in the “Golden Ale” category.

2nd ball of Stokes’ 2nd over in the Australian 2nd innings was the 1,000,000th legal delivery bowled in Test cricket in England. #Ashes

♫ #lastfm artists: Etran Finatawa (10), Terakaft (4), Ali Farka Touré (3), Duke Garwood (3) & Bassekou.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Nitin Sawhney (18), The Fall (12), The Walkabouts (12), Fidetzis, Athens State Orche.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Radiohead (19), Duke Garwood (10), Son Lux (3), Camper Van Beethoven (2) & Bat for L.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Benjamin Booker (24), Stornoway (12), Björk (10), tUnE-yArDs (10) & Furtwängler, B.. via @tweeklyfm #music

♫ #lastfm artists: Björk (12), Hector Zazou (12), Melody Gardot (11), The Smashing Pumpkins (7) & Evge.. via @tweeklyfm #music

🎶 #lastfm artists: The Fall (18), Squeeze (14), Paloma Faith (13), The Pop Group (11) & Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbo.. via @tweeklyfm #music

🎶 #lastfm Artists: The Walkabouts (8), Klemperer, Philharmonia, Schwarzkopf, Rössl-Majdan (4) & Pink Floyd (3) via @tweeklyfm

@ArrivaTW All OK now - managed to seal the form in the stamped addressed envelope provided to avoid getting dragged back into the loop :)

Fun day - our local authority inadvertently applied primary school pupil web filtering settings to our school’s broadband connection :(

RT @StjohnboysPE: Great scenes at the school today with science putting on a display and the whole school coming to watch the eclipse. http…

RT @StjohnboysPE: Temperatures have risen to a brilliant -5 today making conditions fantastic here in @KillingtonMtn usa. #saintsski http:/

RT @ravibopara: Great to be heading back to @IPL with @SunRisers and back to beautiful india. @KP24 @Eoin16 @davidwarner31 @DaleSteyn62 ……

@valleyboi1 Only got a #port this good because it’s my father-in-law’s retirement present from years ago - #MerryChristmas

Just spent nearly an hour reconnecting about 50 keyboards and mice back into computers in four IT rooms - what was going on yesterday?

@pr01etar1at Received and much appreciated - I’ll hopefully be taking a look soon at porting over to something like WP.

@pr01etar1at Yes, sorry, one day I’ll have time to migrate everything to a more modern cms - still stuck on old Gallery 2 for now :(

UKIP ? “A black hole for the ignorant to fall into.”

John Lydon in a Guardian webchat on 14th October 2014

@RCTUNISON Need some updates about October 14th - had no info in my workplace yet, only reminded of it by chance! #NJCpay14 #Strike #14Oct

Afternoon in Hay on Wye - very quiet, lots of shops closed down (thankfully not many bookshops!). Still good beer to be found…

@valleyboi1 Staying 2 nights, drinking not picking! Plus they have a brewery producing bottle-conditioned ales (Whittingtons) & make cider!

I’ll be fairly quiet this weekend- spending it in a lodge at an English vineyard with barely a mobile signal, let alone data/wifi connect…

RT @Glinner: I’ll be doing my bit to remove my local MP, a libdem who supported #DRIP, at the next election. Green Party for me.

RT @greytreesbrewer: 70 years ago today British 1st Airborne Division we flying across the channel to take part in Operation Market Garden …

RT @stephenfry: Tim Cook just said “it’s amazing what you can do from your wrist…” I agree, Tim, I so agree… #AppleEvent

RT @greytreesbrewer: We are racking our 70 year celebration of the ‘Battle of Arnhem’ beer #marketgarden on Monday. Available for sale very…

RT @Toe_nee_wan: Josh has gone all Jim Morrison during Feelgood hit of the Summer.It doesn’t make sense #qotsa

Top 5 #GreenMan14 - Slint Jeffrey Lewis Sons of Noel and Adrian Real Estate Anna Calvi - probably in that order! @GreenManFest

RT @graemelesaux14: @gorillacd Had pleasure of spending time with some park rangers & their families on my trip to Virunga. They do vital w…

Walked home from Mountain Ash to Aberdare - more problems with @ArrivaTW Aberdare line in the last 3 months than I can recall for years :(

RT @shoorayner: If you want to raise literacy standards in schools, isn’t a school library and a librarian who knows about books an obvious…

RT @LEJ88: Caught up with #bbcaq. Impressed by Molly Scott Cato. Political authority and personal perspective you don’t get from a party br…

… although just heard Teleman on @BBC6Music and think I’ll have to see them at @GreenManFest #GreenMan14 too!

Delicious meal at the @BunchGrapesCF37 this evening - duck starter brilliant, sea bass with chorizo, cockles and samphire equalled it!

RT @reecodes: Just found out about @TheHALProject and installed the screensaver. Really authentic and works beautifully with multiple monit…

@sydarthurband Does your supporting slot on the @yesofficial tour mean you won’t be at the Green Man Festival @GreenManFest in August? :(

ENG messed up the football #WorldCup, messing up the rugby #NZLvENG - hope the cricket #EngvSL stays on course…

RT @greytreesbrewer: We have plenty of presentation packs ready for sale direct from the brewery, ideal Father’s Day gifts.

@6Music Wagner, ex-contestant on the X-Factor is Brazilian - go on, find a track by him, I dare you! #SouthAmerica6Music

Now in St John the Evangelist church, Canton, paying for wine with “a donation of our choice”. Great acoustics for music - Climbing Trees.

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: If you vote Green tomorrow, your choice will be immediately intelligible. The opposite of a wasted vote: an unmistakable…

Fantastic! @sydarthurband playing Chai Wallahs at the Green Man Festival again this year! @GreenManFest #GreenMan14

It’s #RCB v #SRH @SunRisers - the #PepsiIPL match I most want to see this weekend - and @ITV4 aren’t broadcasting :(

RT @virtualnames: Currently have a complete loss of connectivity to BTinternet. Engineers are working on this, but we have no ETA on when t…

RT @nerans1: just been introduced to the music of @sydarthurband via the on an on album,loved it and look forward to hearing the new one.

Dawn background sounds. Birdsong, call to prayer and bugle reveille from nearby army barracks. #TheGambia #sunrise

Finally found out last weekend’s #SixNations results - rare early morning mobile data on Kindle - results and access a pleasant surprise.

Mercury rising fast - our coolest morning, 29C at 10am, followed by the hottest afternoon, 43C at 2pm, in Banjul, #TheGambia today.

Enjoyed over 4 days in #TheGambia now - all good, exceeding expectations. No easily available internet though, this update via SMS!

Refreshing in the Rhoswenallt Inn after nearly 3 hours of Year 8 Parents’ Evening at St. John Baptist Church in Wales High School.

RT @BBCRadio3: #PeteSeeger singing Guantanamera now on Late Junction. He sang in Spanish “to hasten the day the USA is some sort of bilingu…

Wonderful EP by @MrBrunoMajor - couple of guitar tracks have echoes of Jeff Buckley’s Live at Sin-é - thanks for heads up @jamesstarsailor

@hotair64 @LogMeIn No key required, acts as a true host. Authentication with PIN set when you install the app and enable remote connections.

Chrome Remote Desktop now installed on 2 Macs and 3 PCs - appears to do all that I require @LogMeIn #logmeout #goodbyelogmein

Five years’ use of @LogMeIn now over - all removed from my computers and iOS devices. #logmeout #goodbyelogmein 

@LogMeIn Terrible news! Now looking for alternatives. Chrome Remote Desktop been performing OK for me today, may be switching to that.

Remote #NIghtmare - According to my LogMeIn dashboard “Soon LogMeIn Free will no longer be available” I rely on this so much! Alternatives?

@StephenLewisYrk Hi - yes, feel free to do so - as far as I’m concerned all the images used on the site should be public domain.

My first #Xmas #cracker #joke of the year: Why don’t you see penguins in Britain? Because they’re afraid of Wales.

Aberdare Golf Club and Rhoswenallt Inn both ran out of @greytreesbrewer Caradog’s Bitter whilst I was in them this weekend! More needed!

@thomyorke, I hope you’ve heard @KTTunstall’s live cover of Default. Performed in Cardiff tonight - fabulous, must see!

RT @HistoricalPics: The relative distribution of the world’s wealth in 1500 and 2002.

The bigger the country, the wealthier it is. http:/

Just seen Thor: The Dark World - quite impressed, thought it was one of the better superhero films I’ve watched.

RT @greytreesbrewer: Tonight brewmaster Ray will be in the Whitcombe in Aberdare to launch ‘Caradog’s’ bitter, also on sale our new recipe …


Social media Ivy creeps slowly over The cracks in our walls

haiku #poetrydayuk #nationalpoetryday

King prawn and chorizo linguine:

                Rhoswenallt Inn evening meal

oh well, rain in Manchester, I’ll celebrate quietly and return to holiday pursuits #bbccricket #bbcashes #ashes

Hottest part of day, Rhodes, sat in shade with cold beer following tense final day #bbcashes live text coverage in Kindle browser #bliss

I can highly recommend Photo Transfer App - rescued photos off my daughter’s iPod which had broken sync socket. Cheers @phototransfer !

Lindt Excellence Coconut Intense - fine dark chocolate with caramelised coconut flakes. New discovery - sublime! #food

RT @valleyboi1: Not had a working phone line since last Friday! @BritishTelecom so much for a 3 day fix! When your engineer broke the line …

Today is the first time I’ve ever seen a group of people swimming in the River Cynon. Suppose it must be the weather, but I wouldn’t fanc…

Having a Rick Stein inspired curry night - a pork curry from Kerala (plus my veg alternative of mushrooms and spinach in the same spices)…

RT @rev_hammer: Can we all sign a petition to have @andy_murray immortalised on a gold coin of the realm #MurrayMint

I am getting to like the @Sprinter global stream more every time I launch the app. You do get some good photos there!

@valleyboi1 Tom cooking really! Don’t want to push things too far! And yes, mole hills grew back between 5pm and 8pmSaturday!

I now have 34.5GB of photos (10 years’ worth) uploaded and backed up onto Flickr. What do I do with the other 965.5GB of space they offer?

Steve Mason sounding great at Glastonbury #bbcglasto - looking forward to seeing him at Green Man @GreenManFest #tw

I’d always imagined Portishead’s sound was a studio creation - how wrong I was! Great live Glastonbury set by them.

Moving, sort of, up to date, OMD’s new album ‘English Electric’ sounds very much like old #OMD - love it!

Bus services on Malta are superb - all day unlimited travel for €2.60 - frequent, on time and they’re run by Arriva!

@BrownLighthouse Sure - I’m away from home for a week or so now, but as soon as I’m back I’ll sort them out for you.

@BrownLighthouse Ahh - OK - they are actually old photographs I found and bought, no idea of the original photographer but feel free to use.

@BrownLighthouse Hi - which ones? Most of them are from other sources anyway and as far as I know are public domain.

Just bought our Green Man Festival 2013 tickets. Please, please @GreenManFest - sort the weather out this year - druids don’t seem to be…

Just listened to #Radio1 #OfficialChart for first time for ages. Is this programme still meant for adults? Infantile throughout :(

Not seen Shinji Kagawa play for MU before today. Now watching him on MOTD - looks very composed - great hat-trick.

@valleyboi1 Great! HD channels brilliant, I’m in control of the remote! (Installers did have to fit new dish).

This morning’s experiment listening to cricket on iPlayer Radio whilst walking to work fails. Poor Edge connection = 10s commentary, 3m gap.

One tree down on Abernant Road by lane to golf club, another leaning dangerously at end of Werfa Lane! @valleyboi1

@valleyboi1 I’m going to wait until 8:20 train to see if decision made - school phones still playing yesterday’s message!

Last tweet and fb message should have read ‘refresh rate increased’ or ‘refresh interval decreased’ - got my rates and intervals confused!

3hrs into 2013 and already drinking too much whisky; about to do a blind taste test of Talisker vs. others…may not tweet again :)

Agreed! “@retlivdead: Ah, Dexys! One of the best gigs I saw in 2012! They were awesome at @GreenManFest!”

RT @ianam had the first little play of the new @raspberry_pi we had free from the Sony UK visit yesterday. via @valleyboi1

Andrew Lawrence very funny on Radio 4 tonight - Glee Club, Cardiff in February looking possible… @andrewlawrence #radio4

Interesting and informative tour of @PenderynWhisky Distillery this afternoon.First time I’ve tasted their peated whisky - impressed!

RT @bengoldacre: MT @Hamstall: I would prefer it if @spotify didn’t pretend to pay the artist. People listen on that platform because th …

RT @Glinner Swings and roundabouts RT @UberFacts: Male humans suffering from rabies can ejaculate uncontrollably up to 30 times a day.

Game was always meant to be about domination of the forwards…hasn’t even been part of the game. @valleyboi1

@valleyboi1 Absolutely pissing down here - and was for most of yesterday and last night. Peace Park partly flooded, river high!

Green Day’s American Idiot at Wales Millennium Centre - interval time, quite impressed by set/staging, great having music played on stage.

@kristinhersh Whole of Murder,Misery & Then Goodnight very mellow and morbid! Came to it from listening to Hooker’s and Cave’s Tupelo

@kristinhersh Just heard your version of Down in the Willow Garden - didn’t realise same song inspired Nick Cave’s Where the Wild Roses Grow

16th wedding anniversary today…spending the evening with the kids having 5 friends sleeping over…very romantic!

@BBCCerysShow @cerysmatthews Birds? Hopefully something from Shearwater then - the track ‘Rooks’ from the album ‘Rook’ suggests itself…

Who’d have guessed? Squid, chorizo, prawn, salt cod and butter beans make a very good pie filling. Popular in Madrid apparently.

Science flies you to the moon - religion flies you into buildings. Hadn’t come across that bit of wisdom before today…

@valleyboi1 Did a full restore to factory settings yesterday - still no joy - going to have to be a trip to the Apple Store :(

RT @daraobriain: Ah, Neil Armstrong has died. Sad news for all lovers of space, adventure and the pinnacles of human endeavor.

@valleyboi1 A few times - and taking sim out. Had no joy in UK but has connected successfully in Kefalonia…

Voice and text stopped working on my phone since Green Man :( Getting great data signal, can’t sort out rest until after Kefalonia…

Followed @MarsCuriosity landing live on Twitter and Guardian live blog. All seems to have gone well, awaiting first images! #MSL

Kate Humble on #VolcanoLive just mentioned #bbc site down due to ‘technical difficulties’ - now we know [nothing]!

RT @ProfBrianCox: I don’t mind creation stories presented as mythology, but to suggest there is any debate that Earth is 4.54 billion ye …

Great set by Anna Calvi @annacalvi in Newport Riverfront Arts Centre this evening - played through whole album brilliantly plus more.

Busk on the Usk - @riverfrontarts theatre OK but not impressed with Newport city centre. Anna Calvi then we’re gone!

…but getting darker and darker as I walk to the station - think it’s going to pour down. Lovely June weather!

@UberSoc - suddenly getting lots of authentication and timeout errors on Blackberry UberSocial - any reason? (Tweets still sending…)

Great evening at wine tasting at Cardiff City Hall @NakedWines #nakedtour2012 - nice selection of open takeouts at end too!

Didn’t realise - England have failed to win their opening match in all seven previous European Championships (D3, L4) #Euro2012 :(

@valleyboi1 Went to Fleet Air Arm Museum few years ago - thought it was quite good - not as good as Bovington Tank Museum though!

Seeing Bela Lugosi’s 1931 Dracula tonight with live music by Philip Glass & Kronos Quartet at Wales Millennium Centre #wmc

@DevonAlderton Apologies - tweet deleted. @anarchytweet is automated, just a curiosity to explore where anarchy/ist/m appears on Twitter…

@valleyboi1 Cheers - having another good dose of tapas and watching Bayern Munich-Real Madrid…Spanish viewers not happy so far…

Lesson of the day: Never put the image of a Windows dialog window on an intranet page! People will click on it…

Alternately listening to “The Limit to Your Love” by Feist and (covered by) James Blake - not sure which I prefer.

@valleyboi1 Nor me - sweeter than I recall, needs a whisky added to it! And snow looks like it’s turning to rain now, but you never know…

Lovely meal at Jimmy Spices - don’t mind missing England’s Calcutta Cup victory too much (lies) #SixNations

Breakfast in Cardiff #Wetherspoons today, followed by Seren’s ballet show in St. David’s Hall this afternoon.

Making #JamieOliver 30 minute Butternut Squash, Cauliflower and Chickpea Rogan Josh plus side dishes - been about 90 minutes so far!

@KerryChapple Pretty sure it’s from a book I’ve got about WW2 journalists/broadcasting - I’m at work now, will confirm when I get home!

@valleyboi1 About £40 worth of meat which will do about 8 meals for 4 people I think - not too bad but cheaper you shot it yourself :)

@valleyboi1 Some venison, pheasant and partridge breasts, couple of mixed game packs…plus a venison chorizo for eating now :)

RT @GreenpeaceUK Chancellor throws logic on its head allowing polluters extra public money to rake in huge windfall profits #autumnstatement

@valleyboi1 Progress bar is barely moving, so I think you’re right! Out for Sunday lunch soon anyway, so I’ll just leave it going!

RT @bengoldacre: you meet a lot of money oriented ppl who claim the public sector pays more, like for like: and yet they never move to p …

Tried to go to the Rhoswenallt for food tonight - closed for the night due to ‘management problems’ - ended up in Amigos!

@kristinhersh Strange policy - thought it would be the opposite! Really enjoyed the second ‘disk’ from the drive - not heard a lot of that!

Flash drive of Throwing Muses’ Anthology at the gigs was a great idea - never seen it before! Still can’t get CD anywhere :( @kristinhersh

A Special Day - all the lighting on the platform at Fernhill Station are on and unvandalised! Never seen that before! @NRE_ArrivaWales

@kristinhersh Strange venue tonight at Cardiff, but religiously enjoyed! (Bumped into you after coming up in lift, wrong way into hall!)

Another lovely wine from naked! Smooth, clean tasting with loads of flavour - fruit and light spi…http://bit.ly/nEUKyy

@valleyboi1 Had a small piece of Stinking Bishop plus five other smelly cheeses :) One called Celtic Promise was probably my favourite!

@nursissistic Rainy, mountainous, green, great coastline and beaches, friendly, passionate for rugby and song, sheep farming…and dragons!

Hooray! After nearly 3yrs of requesting have got RCT ICT Services to update their DNS records to allow us access to our email admin domain.

Blue skies in Cardiff, monsoon as soon as we hit Treforest. Road surface water must be ankle deep at least, continuing like that on A4059..

Sad state of affairs that it takes nearly as long to travel Gatwick-Aberdare as Turkey-UK. One double espresso already consumed!

The Guardian and Observer daily on the #Kindle is excellent - got a 14 day free trial subscription whilst on holiday, may keep it going! …

RT @poultrykeeper: A bet with my Boss. He says Twitter is a waste of time. He will give 50p per RT I get but I give him £10 if I don’t g …

Seker Bayrami -“Candy Holiday” - end of Ramadan - in Turkey today - sweets and lemon cologne offered around everywhere.

Much better 3G network coverage in Side, Turkey than in Aberdare, UK - don’t know what the data charges will be though..

@GreenManFest I’m sure you can tell me this - where’s Tim Min chin playing on Thursday, main stage or one of the tents? #GMF11

@timminchin F-word’s quite common where I live! They’ve seen your DVDs so probably can handle you live :) Look forward to it!

@timminchin Green Man, Thurs - do you know if you’re playing main stage or in one of tents? …and should we bring our children along? :)

RT @GreenManFest: The first people have arrived on site at #GMF11… Tents flying up! First bands on later too! #holidayticket

Twitter spell checker fails to distinguish between thee/three - fair enough I suppose. [With ref to my last tweet!].

Making myself an anchovy, olive and jalapeno pizza to counteract two days of scrounging bland hospital food :)

Too nice a day to be stuck in Prince Charles Hospital - now sitting in the ‘Teens Den’, where there’s a telly that’s showing the golf :)

@valleyboi1 Cottage Brewing India Pale Ale, had 2 pints, very nice…unfortunately I think we’re moving to the Rhos now for food!

Made an egg white omelette this morning - DON’T DO IT! Only saving grace of mine was that it had feta and spinach to give some taste!

Experimental croissant day 1 - filling of sliced hallouimi and mint leaves, wrap in foil, oven for 15 mins plus 5 unwrapped - superb!

Chaos at work this morning, but just bought 75 cans/bottles of San Miguel & Speckled Hen to dull the memory through bbqs & beer!

At Techniquest in Cardiff Bay - pleasantly quiet so far, but my nephew has raced round most of the exhibits in the space of 25 minutes :)

RT @stephenfry: Marvellous news! #rapture doesn’t mean end of world: apparently all the plantet’s imbeciles disappear in one go

RT @DuncanTalksCrap: Dear Ryan Giggs, stop trying to pass the blame on to Craig ‘Taffy’ Bellamy #superinjunction #CTB

@DiscoveryEdSoft Your ‘Discover English’ software writes user data to c:\windows by default - can this be changed?

Finally watching the DVD that we bought my brother-in-law two Xmas’s ago - and he gave back to us - Michael McIntyre’s ‘Hello Wembley’ ;)

3 cheers for #Asda - replaced failed #XBox360 8 weeks after purchase. Not so pleased with #M$, seeing 2 consoles fail in space of 2 months.

sigh of relief - core system upgrades on 4 servers and 334 workstations just finished - can enjoy another four days off now :)

@Museum_Cardiff Why not have a separate Twitter account ( Amgueddfa_Caerdydd ?) for your Welsh announcements - save all the double tweets!

Just spent nearly 3 hours running around MACS trying to find all our network PCs that had been unplugged or switched off at the socket >:(

RT @DavidGArnold (via @stephenfry): A man walks into a library and says “I hope you don’t have a book on reverse psychology.”    

@tweeklyfm Paid for tweeklyfm premium for my Facebook updates - bit much to pay for my Twitter account too :( Needs a merged account!

Frank’s Alcoholoc Root Beer is a very peculiar drink - dandelion & burdock crossed with germolene springs to mind…

Watched the whole of the HBO series ‘The Pacific’ during half-term - haven’t watched that many (non-family) DVDs in the last 6 months!

UberTwitter, twidroyd, and UberCurrent have been suspended due to policy violations. Can’t use on my phone :(

New Radiohead released, not well publicised…only just found out about it in the Guardian…will be downloading tomorrow!

Weather turned absolutely atrocious as soon as we’ve come past Abergavenny on the way home from Birmingham :(

Off to @Museum_Cardiff to see the #dazuwales exhibition http://ow